One of us

As a team we’re constantly learning. Our curiosity and analytical minds thrive our learning culture and our understanding of ourselves and our clients. For the company as a whole becoming better, earning our place among the best, is more important than growth.

Joining our team

And yet we're growing. We're working on growing our business and the quality of our work. We're helping our clients to change their teams and organisations. To develop and share new perspectives and insights, and enable them to use visualisation and design thinking themselves. As we believe that drawing is a powerful tool for change.

We always look for people who share our ambitions, have a positive attitude and remain true to themselves. 

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Read more about our transition from 'Jongens van de Tekeningen' to Flatland.

The People

We're a diverse, close-knit team. Founded by a group of design engineers, our team now consists of a wide variety of backgrounds, from Anthropology, Artificial Intelligence, and Law to Art School, Communication Science and Industrial Design. See below who they are or read more about them personally on













Introducing Flatland

From the start of our company, our work has been about more than "the drawing" as an end product and we increasingly work in an international context. In 2016, this led to a new label that covers the load better and has better English words: Flatland. The new label will come to the fore from autumn 2017. The character of the team and the values of the company remain the same. You can of course continue to call us whatever you want for now :)

Our nickname once led to the company name. Now we make the opposite movement, because Flatland, those "guys from the drawings" remain that.